Changzhou BeiTer Electronic C0.,Ltd is located at Lijia Changzhou jiangsu P.R.China.Our company is an enterprise specialiging in manufacturing synthetic carbon-carbon-coated potentiometer ,rotary switch .With the ISO9001 certification ,we are sticking to continual improvement on R&D,quality control and manufacturing process management. The quality of our production is on the basis of our advanced producing facilities and abundant technology.We have communicated and cooperated with many domestic college and scientific research institutes.We won the user's praise and faith on our satifactory serving.

Changzhou BeiTer ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD are opening the international market positively. The products have been exported to more than 20 countries and districts including United States, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, India, Korea etc. which accounts for 30% above of its total output and enjoy the high reputation abroad. It's now become the most famous export-typed manufacturer in China. Besides , we can also customize our products according to the customer's needs Company aim:Today's quality is our tomorrow's market! Customers satifaction is our seeking target! Warmly welcome all our customers visit our company and give your precious advice.


Tel:0086-519-86238868 86231588 Email:[email protected]
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